( without fancy equipment or technical knowledge )

I Want To Look Pro On Video

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I Want To Look Pro On Video

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The only course available that shows you how to look pro on video with the sole purpose of increasing revenue!

If you show up like an Amateur.

It's really tough to convince your audience that you're a professional when your first impression screams "AMATEUR"!

If you look like an amateur before you've even said a word, that's how your audience is going to think of you. Unfortunately, looking like an amateur makes it so much harder to convince people that you are the one to help them.

When you look professional this happens!

Since we know your audience is going to judge you based on your first impression, showing up looking professional on video is going to instantly convince them that you're the person they should be paying attention to.

When you look professional on video, you'll build an instant connection. People will listen to and trust what you say.

It's as Simple as 1 2 3

Module #1: Make Any Room Look Amazing On Camera

You likely don't have a professional studio in your home, and neither do I. But that doesn't mean you can't look professional on camera - because you can. Fact: I shoot all my videos in the back of my garage, yet the audience thinks I'm in a fancy professional studio!

In this module, I'll share three simple setups that will allow you to turn any room in your house into a studio that looks amazing in just minutes, regardless of how limited your space is. I've designed these setups to be easily assembled and dismantled in no time, even for the technophobes, all while leaving your audience in awe of how fantastic you look on camera. Additionally, I'll reveal some clever budget tricks that will convince your audience that you've got a fully equipped and high-end studio.

Let's dive in and discover the secrets to capturing that sleek and polished look that wows your audience, straight from the comfort of your own home!

Module #2: Why You Don't Need Fancy Equipment

In this module, I show you how low-cost equipment can give better results than high-end expensive equipment, and I outline it simply without having to get technical. If you're really tight on your budget I'll show you how to use your phone to get professional studio-quality video, maybe you've already got some equipment you'd like to use - I'll show you how. Want proof? The video at the top of this page was shot on a cheap camera I got on eBay!

Module #3: Lights, Camera, Action!

Let's keep it simple, shall we? This is where I'll show you the settings you need to set up to be head and shoulders above your competitors. Using straightforward language and detailed explanations, you'll learn how to adjust your basic settings. In this module, I'll demonstrate how, with just one light, a basic microphone, and an affordable camera, we can deliver outstanding results that showcase you as a true professional.

For over 20 years, I've taught thousands of individuals to elevate their game, show up like pros on video, and crush it. And guess what? I've never once relied on fancy, complicated terms or long-winded explanations. I'm more of a "find this setting and change it to this, move this to here, plug this in there" kind of person. While seasoned video experts may chuckle, I couldn't care less because my approach helps people understand and achieve results. Ultimately, the only thing that matters is that you sell more.

Without the unnecessary jargon and convoluted explanations, you'll uncover the secrets to looking and sounding like a pro on video. Get ready to shine in the spotlight and achieve the success you deserve!

Module #4: Editing Made Simple

In this module, we'll explore how to take your video or slide deck presentation and polish it to perfection. And in my true no-nonsense format, we won't be getting fancy; we'll simply focus on achieving great results. I'll show you how to eliminate mistakes, enhance your video, incorporate images and text, and even insert external videos to create a finished product that you'll be proud of. When I share my "Dummies" approach to editing, I can guarantee that you'll never need to hire a video editor again!

So get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into the world of editing. We'll follow a straightforward step-by-step process that will transform your raw footage into a polished masterpiece. From cutting out errors to adding those extra touches that make your video shine, I've got you covered. No more intimidation or confusion‚ÄĒjust practical techniques that anyone can master.

By the end of this module, you'll have the skills to confidently tackle video editing like a pro. Say goodbye to outsourcing and hello to complete creative control over your projects. Let's unleash your inner editing maestro and create videos that truly impress!

Module #5: The Missing Piece To Wow Your Audience 

Once you've got yourself looking and sounding like a pro on camera, the final stage is to provide you with the tools to maximize the impact of your efforts. I'll share insights on how you should present yourself on camera and offer tips to help you sound completely natural, eliminating any worries about forgetting what to say. Additionally, I'll guide you through the process of creating a webinar that keeps your audience engaged and captivated.

You see, it's not just about appearing professional; it's about delivering your message with confidence and authenticity. I'll reveal techniques to enhance your on-camera presence and connect with your viewers on a deeper level. With my guidance, you'll effortlessly command attention and leave a lasting impression.

Furthermore, I'll equip you with the knowledge and strategies to craft a captivating webinar. From structuring your content to incorporating interactive elements, you'll have the power to keep your audience hooked from start to finish.

So, get ready to take your video presence to new heights. Embrace the art of presentation, unlock your natural charisma, and master the art of engaging webinars. Together, we'll ensure that your efforts yield exceptional results and leave a lasting impact on your audience. Let's dive in and unleash your full potential!

Module #6: Totally Out-Pace The Competition

Now that you have the basics under your belt and you're showing up looking and sounding amazing, it's time to take it a step further. In this module, I'll demonstrate how to use multiple cameras to enhance engagement. I'll also provide you with simple steps to go live and interact with your audience in real time. And because I want you to fully capitalize on your newfound skills, I'll share my unique system for building a webinar presentation that goes far beyond the realm of boring PowerPoint slides.

Let's level up your video production game by incorporating multiple camera angles. By doing so, you'll captivate your audience with dynamic visuals and create an immersive viewing experience. Get ready to elevate engagement like never before!



I Want To Look Pro On Video

Business Transformed!

Brian Benton

I was doing weekly webinars teaching AutoCAD, so I bought a camera and a mic, thinking it would help attract more customers, but I ended up looking worse. The audio was awful, and my sign-up rate actually dropped, so I went back to using my Webcam.

 After listening to Andrew, I decided to try one more time, boy what a difference that made to the quality of my content. My income grew by over 500% in as few as three months!

Guy Vaccaro

I had reached the point in my career where I wanted to ditch the live one-to-one training and take my coaching online.

 I wasted a lot of money on the wrong equipment and a lot of time trying to figure it out myself. After enrolling in the Pro Video Bootcamp, I couldn’t believe how good I looked on video. And when I started showing up on video, it was like the flood gates just opened. I went from being disparate for work to having so many clients that I could raise my rates and still I was in demand.

Matt Perez

Seriously this course totally changed my business!

Prior to taking this course, I was spending a fortune with a local company to shoot my videos; not only was this expensive, but it took so long.

 Now, it's just a case of turning everything on and hitting record! And the quality is first class.

 Andrew's course teaches you everything you need to level up your video without becoming overwhelmed.
Just wish I'd found it sooner.

How About A Free Bonus?

Present Perfectly On Camera

When you join here's what you get:

Remove The Guesswork.

Because I genuinely want you to succeed, I'm also including my "Present Perfectly" course as a gift!

Once you've mastered the art of looking and sounding great on camera, let's now equip you with the skills and confidence to automatically attract your audience and establish yourself as the authoritative figure they should be listening to.

No more worries about forgetting what to say or struggling to find the right words. Say goodbye to looking anxious or getting freaked out about being on camera.

Here's the truth: There's no such thing as being a natural on camera‚ÄĒit's just a myth. Presenting to a camera is inherently unnatural. What sets apart those who shine on camera from those who feel like hiding under the desk are a few simple techniques. In this course, I'll take you behind the scenes and reveal the techniques employed by the world's best presenters, enabling them to always exude confidence.

Normally priced at $97, my "Present Perfectly" course is my gift to you as a token of appreciation for becoming a valued customer.



I Want To Look Pro On Video

Because I'm So Sure You'll Love It

I'm Prepared To Do This!

I'm going to take all the risk. I'm offering you the opportunity to purchase my Pro Video Bootcamp course, and if you feel that it doesn't meet your expectations or if you simply don't like it, I don't want your money. I'll gladly provide an instant refund without any questions asked.

Now, I understand that there may be some individuals who would take advantage of this policy by downloading and benefiting from the program, only to request a refund. However, my hope is that you'll recognize the value it offers and appreciate the extensive effort that went into putting it together, considering the fact that I've made it incredibly affordable.

I don't want to hide behind a no-returns policy or impose strict conditions on refunds. I want the refund process to be as straightforward as the purchase itself. Therefore, all I ask is that you inform me within the first 30 days of purchase if you no longer need the course, and I'll promptly issue a refund. I won't even inquire about the reason behind your decision!

My goal is to ensure your satisfaction and provide you with a risk-free opportunity to enhance your video skills. So go ahead and take the leap, knowing that I stand behind the quality of my course and your ultimate satisfaction.


I Want To Look Pro On Video